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Whole Wheat Zucchini & Goat Cheese Breakfast Wraps

Zucchini - goat cheese breakfast wraps
I have discovered one thing. My first time stay in a super tiny yet gorgeous studio apartment in NY has taught me to value space and make super easy and quick meals and being in NY you want them to be affordable too!
This wrap is what you should make if you are in any of the situation or if you love good food like me! Packed with fresh zucchini, tangy goat cheese, protein rich eggs and served inside whole wheat wraps or tortillas, these wraps are a satisfying and filling breakfast/lunch/dinner option. You literally need one pan for this recipe and it comes together in flat 15 minutes. It can’t get easier!

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Sweet & Spicy snack from Western city of India is sure to make your taste buds go spinning!!

bhakarwadi-baked These little bit sized snacks! It’s Tuesday and guys these are the snacks you need in your life right now!! Perfect with tea or coffee or simply eaten plain, these will blow your mind. I am telling you that for enjoying these you don’t need to be a Indian food fanatic!

These are normally fried but here I have baked them and let me warn you that baking makes them just way more irresistible!! You will find hard to stop yourself from eating 4-5 at once. I have been there!

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Vanilla Wafers

Homemade wholesome vanilla wafers! Taste much better than the real deal!


Guys these vanilla wafers! I can’t believe that something you grew up eating as snacks can be made at home and that too with better for your health stuff. These wafers are courtesy of Lara Ferroni’s book Real Snacks. Filled with lots of childhood treats both sweet and savorie you grew up eating, this book is every food lovers dream come true. Imagine if you can make ask those pop tarts, doughnuts, fish crackers at home and without most of the junk?? Count me in.

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Super satisfying and nourishing meal for your family! If you love Indian food, this is for you!

dal-makhani Creamy dreamy black lentils simmered in tomato based gravy. Super low fat and healthy. Served with green peas rice it is a meal fit for the kings & queens! This is the meal you should be making, I mean seriously why not?! Even if you are not into Indian food or if you love Indian food, this is a must try dish. It comes together in around an hour and it is the most satisfying meal I had recently. We like including variety of cuisines in our meals and usually once or twice a week we try to have good flavorful Indian food. But guys, this dish is to die for. 

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“No Knead” Jalapeno & Cheddar Bread

Over night no knead bread! I can’t believe how simple it is to make! Now there’s no looking back,bread! Fool proof and idiot proof!
No-Knead Jalapeno & Cheddar Bread I love baking breads as much as I enjoy eating them. The smell and sight of good crusty bread makes me go insane. I just can’t stop after a slice. I find excuse to bake breads but I realized lately few attempts were far from being called successful and I was baking mostly sweet breads. Remember this orange-chocolate bread or this super moist and delicious 5-banana coconut bread. Since we are talking about bread, I just wanted to let you know that this banana bread kept well frozen and in refrigerator for good one month. I heard it tasted very good slightly warmed up with butter! I loved eating it cold straight out of the refrigerator with a glass of chilled milk. Seriously,try this!
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Raw Banana Chips

Super crispy fried chips made from raw banana! It’s snack time!


During weekdays, I always find myself starring in the pantry for some snacks to munch on. My pantry is almost always packed with ingredients not products if you understand what I mean. Being a food lover, I usually keep a well stocked pantry but usually with items I can use in preparing reciped and these days the only ready to eat product you will find in our pantry is few packets of chips. I say few cause like normal people we don’t really keep just one kind. Every week during our grocery shopping, we pick up 2-3 varieties convincing ourselves that they will last us for good two weeks. And every time we prove ourselves wrong !!

So this makes me wonder do you make your own snacks?? If yes, i would love to know what do you make??
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Cherry Scones with Chocolate Whiskey Sauce

Better than bakery and stuffed with fresh cherries and drizzled on top with a chocolate whiskey sauce. Scones can’t get better than this!
cherry-scones I have been in a phase where I kind of hated scones. Have you ever come across dense, hard and bland scones?I have. Actually they were my very first attempt at scone baking and as you can guess, kind of last too. After that almost for few years I never looked at scones the same way. I would pass them whenever I could get away with and order something else instead. I keep seeing them everywhere in books, magazines, on internet, videos!! But my mind was made up. I was in this notion that scones are not for me.

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Amritsari kulcha-Chola


This meal.
Indian street food – that is not only super easy and quick to make but super healthy too! What else can you ask in a street food recipe?! Usually street foods are the best a country or place could offer, often having a significance of their own.
Amritsar is a city in North-Western part of India in a state called Punjab. Kulcha, a kind of indian flat bread originated from this city and hence the name Amritsari Kulcha. It is similar to naan, the only difference being baking powder & baking soda replace yeast in this recipe. Often cooked in a clay oven tandoor, at home it can be easily cooked on stove top. You will find street vendors selling freshly prepared kulchas served with spicy chola chaat. It is a complete meal in itself and super healthy too!

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Bloody Mary Verde

Tomatillos and Jalapeno Vodka Bloody Mary. Don’t forget to coat glass rims with super tasty cilantro salt!

bloody-mary-verde I have never really enjoyed bloody mary before or let me say it correctly, I have never enjoyed the classic bloody mary they sell in restaurants which is more than often made using tomato juice which comes in bottles. If you have been reading, you know I have a certain aversion to canned food items and whenever possible I try to use fresh ingredients. Though I will totally admit that there are days when I give in to the comfort of canned ready made sauces and meals. It does makes life easier on those crazy days but I am not into them usually!

The first time in my life I tasted bloody mary was in Seattle, dining in the seattle needle restaurant and I tasted it and I thought, what its just tomato juice with lots of alcohol?!! Second time I was reluctant to give it a try  again  in the hope of making it my favorite, I ordered it while vacationing in Goa with my work colleagues. It was just horrible. It’s been almost 3 years from that day and I can say in all honestly that I have not even felt the slightest urge  to give this a try. 

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PopCorn Vanilla Pudding

Classic creamy Vanilla Pudding infused with freshly popped corn – bursting with popped corn flavor! To die for!!

popcorn-pudding I have been waiting since last 2 days to share today’s recipe with you.

Yes I could have shared it earlier but I was saving this recipe for today. You know wednesday = hump day! I never really believed in this but I have been feeling it since last two weeks. By wednesday my energy level goes down, all I want to do after waking up is drink mugs and mugs of coffee and be super lazy!

I know you will think caffeine might help me in recharging my battery but not in my case lately. In fact I try to hold myself from drinking coffee for few hours after I wake up just so I don’t crash. I know it’s all the sugar I add in my coffee! I have been thinking of going on a no refined sugar diet but I have a big sweet tooth and dessert made with dates and those natural sweeteners – not my cup of tea! I believe it’s better to have everything in moderation than go to extremes.

By the way, I would love to know your views on a no-refined sugar diet? Have you ever tried it?

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