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PopCorn Vanilla Pudding

Classic creamy Vanilla Pudding infused with freshly popped corn – bursting with popped corn flavor! To die for!!

popcorn-pudding I have been waiting since last 2 days to share today’s recipe with you.

Yes I could have shared it earlier but I was saving this recipe for today. You know wednesday = hump day! I never really believed in this but I have been feeling it since last two weeks. By wednesday my energy level goes down, all I want to do after waking up is drink mugs and mugs of coffee and be super lazy!

I know you will think caffeine might help me in recharging my battery but not in my case lately. In fact I try to hold myself from drinking coffee for few hours after I wake up just so I don’t crash. I know it’s all the sugar I add in my coffee! I have been thinking of going on a no refined sugar diet but I have a big sweet tooth and dessert made with dates and those natural sweeteners – not my cup of tea! I believe it’s better to have everything in moderation than go to extremes.

By the way, I would love to know your views on a no-refined sugar diet? Have you ever tried it?

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Low Fat Palak Paneer

Indian cheese cubes simmered in a pot full of luscious creamy spinach gravy and served over a bed quinoa.
Sounds delicious, right?!
I don’t know about you but lately this has been one meal I have been craving almost every week. I was trying to throw hints at Jerry hoping he will understand that all I wanted to eat this weekend was a big bowl of this goodness but instead we went out and ended up ridiculous amount of money on food that was just edible with no flavours at all! Palak paneer as called in India is typically a dish from Northern states of India and growing up, it was served at least 2-3 times a month for dinner. My mother will sometimes add potatoes in place of paneer but my favorite was always the one with paneer.
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“Green Tea” Punch


This Punch!!
You might think that I say this a lot but this punch – I am telling you, you want to keep inhaling it. That’s what I was doing last night. The inspiration for this punch was in my head for quite some time. I don’t remember where but I remember reading the word punch somewhere. Punch led me to think of a party where my aunt made a fruit punch and I remember her refilling the bowl often as everyone totally loved having a punch in their hands!! That was sort of my first punch ever after a looong time and I loved it for its refreshing flavours and yes it had tons of soda too which I can drink anytime. Ohh and if I come to your place, please always always offer me black soda!! Ahem.
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“Green” Mexican Lasagna

Perfect meal to feed a crowd! Full of flavors and packed with goodness!

green-mexican-lasagna I love fusion food and when it involves Mexican cuisine, I am the happiest!

I love making lasagna – just simple lasagna with noodles and tons of veggies and a spicy sauce. Yes I love spicy food.

I also love enchiladas. So when I realised that I can get away with putting both in one dish and call it a meal- you can only imagine that my happiness knew no bounds! This is in and out a  mexican dish, only arranged in lasagna style. To me this meal screams comfort and monday needs comforting food.

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Creamy “No-Cheese” Cajun Chicken Pasta

Creamy simple and quick cajun chicken pasta. Perfect for quick weeknight dinner or lazy weekend meals! Totally healthy and guilt free!!

cajun-chicken-pasta It seems like it’s been ages since I talked to my invisible internet friends. Are you guys still there?? Well As I mentioned in my last post, I was visiting my other set of parents aka Jerry’s parents and after spending more than 15 days at their place and having some great time, all I wanted was to come back, spend time with Jerry and get back to serious work.

The day after I came was kind of a disaster day as everything I made turned out not too great, I ended up burning or should I say mushing up a pan of potato fries, my lentils never reached the right softness and whatever I planned to share with you guys ended up finding its place in the garbage securely. So much for travelling!!

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Fruit Tart with Cheesecake Pudding

Summery vibrant fruit tarts will make you the star of any get together!

fruit-tart This is my new favorite dessert!

Buttery crust + cheesecake pudding filling + fresh fruits = Best Summer dessert!

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Spinach Minestrone Soup (GF, DF)

Soul warming minestrone soup in clear broth with tons of goodies!

minestrone-soup-spinach Its been in 90′s here lately and super humid. I know most people will be defended at the thought of being served a hot cup of soup during this time of the year with weather like this! But not me! Somedays all you want to have after a hard day’s work is a soul warming soup with lots of goodies.

This soup is exactly what I wanted for dinner yesterday. After testing three recipes, photographing, editing, writing and some other work, I was left with no energy at all. I wanted something filling yet healthy. That’s where this soup comes in. Best part it has only max 20 mins of hands on time. After that thrown in everything in a big pot and let it simmer for good 1 hour. That time you can use for may be catching up on your favorite book, watching your favorite show or if you are like me, drooling over all the food on my favorite sites!

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Pineapple & Marshmallow Blondies

How was your Fourth of July weekend? I am visiting my mom aka Jerry’s mom and we both decided to keep it low key. We just relaxed at home, baked some pies and watched a movie on netflix.
This year I missed creating some special recipe for Fourth of July but ohh well there’s always next year.
Well I do have something special for you guys. It’s a perfect summer dessert combining my two latest obsessions in one.

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Spicy and low fat flatbread topped with Indian style potato-cauliflower stir fry!!
aloo-gobhi-flatbread To me flat breads are not seasonal like heirloom tomatoes, peaches, plums or my favorite juicy strawberries. To me flat breads signifies spending time with family gathered around the table while talking and enjoying good food. This flatbread inspiration came from my beloved Indian style stir fry which I grew up eating and which till date my mom makes the best. The smell of fresh ginger and blend of spices makes every bite exotic and a worthy experience in itself.

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“5 Banana” Coconut Banana Bread

Super moist banana bread prepared using 5 bananas & toasted coconut. Tropical bliss in a bread!

toasted-coconut-banana-bread-2 Do you face with the problem of overly-ripened bananas with blackened skin which no one in your house wants to touch??


Here comes the loaded banana bread which uses 5 large overly ripe bananas. Dessert, breakfast or snack ready with bananas you were planning to get rid of! It makes my heart sing every time when I can find a good use of produce on the verge of going to waste in a delicious way.

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