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Using leftovers : Kale Mac & Cheese

What do you do when you are stuck with tons of leftovers?? Make another meal with it!


 Happy Friday Folks!

Next two days are seriously intense for me with lots and lots of cooking involved. I decided to help out with the diwali party my folks are organizing tomorrow and I am making my all time favorite spinach dip and lemon-pistachio bars (I mean a huge load of it for a crowd !). [click to continue…]


15 mins Indian Spiced Puffed Rice Mix

Under 15 mins puffed rice mix with peanuts and crispy curry leaves! Perfect tea time snack! 


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Sunday Brunch#2 Whole Wheat English Muffins

Chewy,whole wheat English Muffins are sure to become a staple in your house! Perfect weekend project!


Another Sunday and another brunch recipe! Today’s recipe is not really a complete brunch recipe but it sure super easily and quickly turns into one! Yesterday on our way to meet some family, we had taco bell breakfast before hitting the road and I have been seriously waiting to eat their breakfast items for some good time now and I can totally say that they were ridiculously delicious!! That California crunch wrap was totally delicious! The only thing after eating a huge satisfying brunch was that I found myself still missing that usual egg and cheese muffin which is kind of my favorite food while taking a super early morning flight. [click to continue…]


Spiced Pumpkin Bars With Hazelnut Crust

Pumpkin pie bars with a hazelnut crust! Pumpkin pie makeover!


These bars.
So after having our fill of those ridiculously delicious chicken wings we are eating our weight in these oh-so-good pumpkin pie in the form of bars with a hazelnut crust. I have always made pumpkin puree from scratch but this is the first time ever I have used a canned pumpkin puree and I must say that I am impressed. I have been hearing great things about organic pumpkin puree from trader joes but I haven’t been able to make it to that place yet. [click to continue…]


Baked “Skinny” Buffalo Chicken Wings

Baked, Super Crispy, Skinny Chicken Wings Drenched in Buffalo Sauce!

It’s officially fall.I know you must be tired of listening to this but hey fall is my favorite of all seasons! The best part being that you can eat your heart out as there is no trying to look good for fitting in your swimsuit or shorts. Long flowy sweaters, dresses with tights, basically all sorts of comfy clothes with big big mugs of steaming coffee or tea are what fall is made up of. The dinner on the other hand is entirely a different story and these baked wings fit perfectly in this cozy fall season. [click to continue…]


Green Spinach Rice (GF + DF + Vegan)

Super delicious, vibrant and packed with loads of spinach – this rice is a perfect accompaniment to any meal!


Lets talk about this spinach rice!

Have you ever thought of pureeing spinach and adding it to your rice. Best way ever to sneak in spinach in your picky eaters stomach. I feel so and it worked successfully too. I usually always keep a bundle of spinach in the refrigerator. It goes into all sort of things from juices, smoothies, sautes, breakfast of egg sandwich with a hefty amount of sauteed spinach and what not. [click to continue…]


Easy,quick yet satisfyingly delicious Sunday Brunch polenta! So simple that it will make Sunday cooking fun!



Temps suddenly dropped here yesterday and its perfect fall weather. Yesterday we picked a huge pumpkin for carving and few small tiny ones for decorating! Fall always fills me with energy and with the start of October it feels like holiday and festival season for full 3 months! I totally love it. Lots of baking, fall scented candles, hot drinks and cozy clothing – there is nothing that I don’t like about fall.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake (No baking required!)

Decadent crepe cake filled with luxurious hazelnut pastry creme and finished off with a thick chocolate sauce!! 
 This cake!
This is one of the best cakes I have made in a long time or should I say this is the best crepe cake I have made ever. It is so flipping good that I already made it twice in a week and still heart desires more. This cake recipe comes from the amazing Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s  first cookbook. I have never met her or anything but I believe if someone can make a cake as delicious as this, that person gotta be super sweet themselves! I have been a big fan of Deb’s work for quite sometime now and recently when I purchased a discounted copy of her cookbook at anthropologie (I absolutely love the sale section at anthro for that matter!), my happiness knew no bounds. Since then I have bookmarked like tons of recipes which I have been wanting to try but something or else kept on hindering my plans. [click to continue…]


Caramelised ButterNut Squash Pizza with Basil Pesto

 Caramelized squash, zesty pesto and creamy provolone & cheddar cheese on a whole wheat crust! Pizza night at its best! butternut-squash-pizza

Lets talk about this pizza.

The only time I had butternut squash pizza was a year or so back in Chicago, one late night after lot of drinks, when almost everything tastes good. We ordered a giant size butternut squash pizza and another heirloom tomato pizza. The only clear memory from that night which I remember is hearing Jerry say that how good that pizza was and how you can’t even taste the squash! In a good way of course, as it was cut into super thin slices and let me tell you that was the day I fell in love with squash on a pizza.  [click to continue…]


Pumpkin Seed – Cheerios Granola

Chewy Fall Granola with pumpkin seeds and cheerios is sure to become a breakfast staple!
Pumpkin Seed-Cheerios Granola
This is all I ate this weekend! In between watching my favorite fall shows, during every single break I was running to grab a handful of this crunchy granola. I could have kept a big bowl and enjoyed in peace but you know me! I have a weird crazy personality and sitting peacefully is not one of them.
So fall shows. Jerry introduced me to Scorpion. Have you even seen it? It’s so good. Its only 2 episodes old and I am all geared up to watch every single one of its episodes. It’s loosely based on the life of a genius Walter O’Brien. [click to continue…]