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Orange Chocolate Chips Bread with Orange Butter


The last time I made and posted a loaf cake or bread was almost a year ago when I made this. It was our favorite breakfast for few weeks and we ate it so much that I was kind of done with bread baking for a while. But this came in our life and things haven’t been same since then. It is the most spongiest bread I have made till date. It can beat any store bought slightly sweetened bread and when you combine it with this orange butter, things go to a completely different level.  I never knew until now that orange and chocolate taste so good together.

Best part? It uses NO butter. Can you believe it?!

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Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

spicy-roasted-chickpeas While we were in India recently for few months, I kind of liked the whole experience. I had my own scooty and recipe testing used to be a breeze. In India I promised myself that as soon as we come back, I will take care of my driving lessons and get my driving licence. To my surprise I passed my driving test the very first time. I never felt this confidence behind the wheel like I felt during that particular hour with the lady taking my test. It was kind of fun.

 Being able to go anywhere and do anything on your own has its own charm. Though I totally agree that it fades away pretty quickly as after sometime it becomes part of a routine and it no longer remains special.

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Dark Chocolate Brownies with M&M’s

10 mins hands-on dark chocolate brownies with m&m’s. A box of dark chocolate brownie mix and loads of m&m’s guarantee you happy friends and family when short on time. 

dark-chocolate-brownie Till date I have not met a single person who hates brownies! I mean who can really say NO to chocolatey, gooey goodness. I always like to under bake mine. I am someone who preaches and likes to make recipes from scratch. But lately I have been receiving emails from busy moms and working women and they have similar problems. One dessert for unplanned get together ?

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  chuy's-enchilada-sauce Last year while visiting family in Texas, for the first time I visited a well known Tex-mex restaurant there called Chuy’s. I was told about their very popular and in demand Chika Chika Boom Boom Sauce. I being an avid lover of spicy food went ahead and ordered it.

To my great surprise, it was one of the best green enchilada sauce I had ever encountered. I usually prefer red enchilada sauce as usually green enchilada sauces are super tangy at places and it kind of takes away the flavor. Things taste good when in right proportion. But not here as it was very well balanced. A perfect tangy-creamy-spicy combo. Things could not have been better.

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Loaded “Spicy” Veggie Pie

veggie-pie This PIE! It reminds me of  my mother’s homemade samosas but with tons of other veggies thrown inside the filling. It is like heaven in a plate. The buttery – toasted cumin scented crust takes this pie to a whole new level. This pie is kind of a cross between samosa my mother makes in India and puff pastry pie which Jerry’s mom makes here. I love both of them equally but I wanted to give it my own unique twist.

Firstly, I wanted a homemade from scratch crust so I decided to go with the ever simple buttery crust recipe but with loads of toasted cumin seeds thrown in for a fresh flavor.

Secondly, I wanted the pie to be loaded with different colored veggies so I went ahead and selected bunch of veggies from refrigerator.

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Banana-Oat Bars ( Vegan + GF + DF )

These bars are all you can dream of. Flourless? YES. Gluten Free? YES.  Dairy Free? YES.  Vegan? YES.  Low Sugar? YES.

These are the best bars I made in sometime and the best  part? These are totally healthy, guilt free, nutritious, filling and not to forget super tasty!

I had been toying with the idea of making these for sometime now but my last attempt of making them into thin cookies was not so successful. Yes, it was all gone and eaten the same day but I felt it wasn’t upto the standards to be here and I wanted to share this recipe with you only when I was fully satisfied.

So after some attempts, I decided to make them into bar forms and coat them with a blanket of coconut powder. So beautiful!


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Low Fat Gajar Halwa (Carrot Halwa)


With all the travelling lately, I have been feeling zoned out at times and to be honest, that is been happening to me almost a lot lately. Sometimes I completely ignore what the person in front of me has to say and I don’t realise until late that something was being told or asked. I wonder how people who are on the go always manage? Our stuff is almost in all the places we travel or stay and I keep forgetting where to look for a particular item when in need. It gets quite hilarious [click to continue…]


2 – Ingredient Homemade Tahini

We are back home after a super long stay in India and we feel great. I do miss my family back home but the excitement of being back and being able to get back to serious work helps. For now at least. While in India, I wanted to make hummus for my brother but it is kind of hard to find hummus there. If you do find it and I was able to in one store  but it was priced at a whooping 25$ for a small bottle. That’s too much for satisfying hummus cravings, don’t you think so?


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 Doughnuts and homemade and that too super easy!!

I know what you are thinking! Where was this recipe all our lives and is there anyone on this planet who hates doughnuts!

Well for starters, I am at my parents place and currently everyone around me is obsessed with doughnuts. So when [click to continue…]


Classic Rum & Coke Ice-Cream Float


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