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Loaded Veggie Toasts

Quick and easy meal idea for those busy week nights. Packed with all sorts of veggies, it will be a crowd pleaser for sure!
Can I tell you how much I have been missing home lately?? With all the traveling, I kind of want to stay at home and get in a routine like normal people. You know routine where you get ready in the morning, work till wee hours and see your friends on weekends. I have been missing company of people my age! Doing all those crazy fun things with friends, laughing at each other’s stupidity and leaving no chance at making fun of your besties!! Now you know what I am talking about!! It’s still summer in Florida so it’s kind of hard to feel fall coming but I will be on my way home to Texas soon and I can’t wait. Today’s recipe is a special one. This recipe comes from Jerry’s mom who is an amazing cook. Even though she underwent a surgery, her love for feeding people is hard to stop. I whipped up these super delicious veggie toasts under her crazy supervision. I like to tease her calling her crazy as she is kind of super particular about certain things. Things like everything being in its certain exact place, everything being over the top clean and lots of other crazy stuff which sometimes drives me nuts but Mom, I love you so I won’t stop teasing you!  [click to continue…]


Multigrain Spinach & Cheese Waffles

Savory Spinach & Cheese Waffles served with a runny sunny side up egg on top!! These waffles are packed with super nutritious stuff – flaxseed flour, almond flour, oat flour and whole wheat flour! spinach-waffles Sitting at home, while typing this I am thinking of how tough it gets when you fall sick. I always stress on healthy eating. There were days when I was too much into health food and I realised that I wasn’t enjoying what I was putting in my body. I was just eating simply for eating healthy. Jerry convinced me that balance is the key and we can still be healthy if we eat everything in moderation and most importantly enjoy what we eat. Lately I have been playing with lots of different kinds of recipes and making an effort to include little healthy and little indulging foods in our diet. [click to continue…]


Apple Scones

Super soft and warm scones filled with Honeycrisp apple pieces!Fall is happening.

apple-scones These scones.I won’t be lying if I tell you that once I was done with taking pictures, we were left with just a slice of scone and that too in just under an hour.ONLY a SLICE! Today while driving, we realised that apple season is here and we are looking forward to again go apple picking this year like we did last year. Last year I went for the first time ever in a huge apple orchard and it was just so much fun. We were blessed to go apple picking last year with two of our closest friends and that made the experience way more fun. Lots of talking, trying out every apple variety and clicking tons of pictures!! The sad part being that my laptop died that month and with it we lost all those pics too!! That made me realize that backing up your laptop is a must! 

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All Natural Fruit Roll Ups

All natural, preservative free, 3-ingredients only delicious home-made fruit roll ups! They won’t even last a day!

fruit-roll-ups TGIF.

Last two months have been crazy around here, attending to family emergencies and what not!! I am seriously in mood for some serious vacation time but don’t see it coming anytime soon.Life.Unfair.                                                                       Do you believe in making lists? I am a big time list maker and lately my lists of things to do has been growing at a crazy speed. I have loads of things unfinished and it’s been driving me crazy and it’s almost fall. [click to continue…]


Three Bean Ancho Chili (Vegan + GF + DF + Vegetarian)

Welcome fall with this comforting healthy 3 bean ancho chili recipe!
Guys this chili! 
Monday calls for comforting meals which requires minimum doing on our part. This chili is every cooks dream. 
Super easy to make yet everyone will think you slaved yourself all day in the kitchen! And the flavors?!! Shut the front door!
Combination of ancho, new mexico and chipotle chili gives it such a warm, earthy flavour that you won’t look for any other chili recipe ever!!
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Thai Iced Tea

 Creamy, delicious, restaurant style Thai Iced Tea made in the comforts of your home in flat 15 minutes!! 

thai-iced-tea Do you always order Thai iced tea in Thai restaurants? I don’t know about you but for someone like me that’s a must. But lately I have been having kind of bad luck with Thai teas: overly sweetened, not that strong or too week tasting Thai teas have been greeting me lately in restaurants. For some time, I have been thinking of learning how to make this at home so I can have it anytime I want! No waiting for Thai restaurant trip to get Thai Iced tea.

Finally I have found the right kind of thai tea mix and it tastes just like my favorite restaurant version. I am telling you, this is the one! Panthai Thai Tea Mix gives you the exact same kind of delicious Thai Tea you are used to getting in restaurants but much cheaper and at any time you get the craving. [click to continue…]


“Triple Fun” Chocolate Bars

Loaded chocolate and coconut bars stuffed with crispy toasted almonds. Perfect treat for any time of the day!

chocolate-coconut-bars These bars. I can’t even talk about these without stuffing myself with one of these. These are perfect breakfast bars to be eaten with a cup of black coffee. If you know me by now, you know how much I love coffee. So I am always on the lookout for snacks or goodies to go with my coffee. This chocolaty coconut almond bars are perfect coffee accompaniments. But worry not! These taste equally good without coffee too. Don’t worry you coffee and tea haters! You will love these no matter what, coffee or no coffee!
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Asparagus & Green Pea Salad “Grilled Cheese”

Asaparagus – green pea salad stuffed in french bread with fontina cheese to make it the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich of all times!

asparagus-pea-grilled-cheese  This grilled cheese!

I absolutely love grilled cheese sandwiches and over and over, I find myself creating the same kinds with cheese, chips and lots of my favorite hot sauce. I must tell you that nowhere this old favorite of mine is a common grilled cheese. It deserves it’s own post one day.someday.may be soon!

This current favorite of mine on the other hand is equally good though I won’t lie I still have soft spot for those just cheese based grilled cheese sandwiches. While in NY, we grabbed lunch from a sandwich shop and I felt that all those long walks in NY deserved a hearty grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. So I settled for an asparagus and green pea salad grilled cheese. It sounded intriguing and I had to get it. You know, try it and if I like it recreate it for this space so you guys can have it as well. Best part of this job  if I say so! [click to continue…]


Sweet Potato Waffles with Strawberry-Vodka Sauce

Super moist and spongy sweet potato waffles served with warm strawberry-vodka syrup! I am sure you will be making these again and again!

sweet-potato-waffles I am one of those people who enjoys their breakfast. When in school , I remember never being much of a breakfast person. But after college things were different. I would find myself craving breakfast first thing in the morning and after getting married and changing my career, I literally think of what I  am going to be eating next morning for breakfast almost every night. Is it too weird? I don’t think so. And if you are like me who starts planning for breakfast 12 hours ahead, then these waffles can easily make to your breakfast table during weekdays but if you don’t believe in thinking about breakfast way in advance , don’t worry. You can still enjoy these delicious moist & spongy waffles for a weekend brunch or if you have good 1 hour to kill before getting ready in the morning, then these have your name written all over them! [click to continue…]


Spicy Cajun Cauliflower Steak

Crispy Cajun spiced baked cauliflower “steaks”. Serve them as a side or as a meal! {GF + DF + VEGAN + VEGETARIAN}

cajun-cauliflower-steaks When it comes to food choices, we both have our own differences. I love anything full of veggies, sight of veggie packed meal makes me all happy while on the other hand, for him a meal with tons of veggie is not a meal but a salad and in his world, salad is not counted as a meal! Men, I tell you! So after our NY trip back home, I found myself with an empty refrigerator and almost clueless what to eat for lunch. [click to continue…]